Streaming is getting a facelift

IT’S TOUTED as the next evolution of television, and promises to deliver millions more pixels than its predecessor, unprecedented colour depth and contrast, higher refresh rates, and images so sharp you can inspect individual blades of grass or count a protagonist’s beard hairs. Yet despite its promise, 4K television has traditionally been tricky to secure […]

The 4K TV gadgets you need

THE future of television is finally arriving but the best equipment will make it truly shine. From the biggest of screens to the smallest of speakers, these are the tricked-out, 4K-ready, home-entertainment marvels you should consider when preparing your lounge to meet a new era. 3 TOP BIG SCREENS — Samsung Series 9 QLED 75-inch, […]

The TV Aussies really want

IF YOU’RE keen to keep up with the Joneses, you’re going to need a much bigger telly. The days of 50-inch televisions being considered ‘big-screen viewing’ have disappeared, and experts say the trend to super-size home entertainment in Australian lounge rooms is accelerating at an unprecedented rate. But while the popularity of 70-inch televisions is […]