She finally opens up!

Kim Lim is Valencia Football Club’s Angel

Since Peter Lim bought and took over Valencia football club, he often makes it to the headlines. But, it’s not just him who receiving attention from the fans and media. His daughter, Kim Lim is also getting attention from them. These are felt not just online, but also in the streets. Some even call this Singaporean socialite, ‘Valencia’s Angel’. A normal post on Miss Lim’s Instagram account has over 3,000 likes and 50 comments. But, if the post is related to football, she gets more than the normal post. Now that they are involved with the football club, a lot of Valencia’s fans are also her fans now. She keeps on receiving praise and admiration from them. There are a lot of positive comments about her online and most of them keep on calling her angel. When Miss was in Spain, the news reached her and she felt honored about it. In her interview, she said, “I didn’t expect it (being called an angel). I felt very honored. I know it sounds a bit weird but that’s how I really felt.” “Actually, after I got to know more Valencians, I’m not surprised anymore. They are just so genuinely friendly and warm,” she added. It’s not just on the online world that the billionaire’s daughter is being recognized. On the streets, a lot of passers-by are starting to notice her. Most of theses passers-by in Valencia would approach her and ask to take pictures with her. When she was asked with her opinion about this, she said, “On the streets, there are people who recognize me and call out my Instagram nickname ‘kimmylecute’. But I never feel that they are intruding (upon) my privacy. If they do come up to me, it’s just to ask if they can take a photo with me. Most times, they just smile if they recognize me.” Another proof of her rising popularity in the city is her pictures are also on a Spanish media website. Some also thank her for extending Valencia brand from the other side of the world. For Miss Lim, she’s happy that fans appreciate what she’s doing for the club and she is also excited to watch the games with them. She said, “The roar of the crowd when we scored was really ‘kua zhang’ (Mandarin for ‘out of this world’). Valencia has the best supporters!” Kim Lim never expected that she’d be this involved or be attached to football. She admitted that when her father bought it, she was never really interested in it. “With Valencia, there is a deeper level of excitement and interest in the game and the club. After the takeover, I was surprised by how quickly I became attached to something that I didn’t pay much attention to,” she said. “My interest is definitely growing as I get to know more about the club and the game.”

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